Travel: Robin Connelley & John Stanton


WHAT? Chosen curates weeklong experiences in destinations around the world, offering the best in adventure, fitness, nutrition and well-being.

WHO? Co-founders John Stanton and Robin Connelley met at the University of Oxford and launched a clean-technology venture capital business in Dubai in 2007 before setting up Chosen. “We have a lifelong passion to empower innovators and affect change in traditionally dirty industries in the developing world, which is closely linked to the ethos of Chosen,” Stanton says. “We launched Chosen because we wanted the experience, information and skills to live an ideal lifestyle, while interacting with people looking for the same. It’s a reminder to enjoy our lives and to surround ourselves with people who inspire us constantly to learn through new challenges.”

WHERE? Chosen experiences are currently offered in Bali, Guatemala, New Zealand and Iceland. “Everything about a Chosen experience is designed to rejuvenate and challenge, and begins with the backdrop of a stunning destination with cultural significance. The first four locations would be on our initial ‘places you need to experience’ bucket list,” Stanton explains.

Chosen Experiences-3b copySurfing in Bali is part of the exhilarating Chosen itinerary 

WHAT TO EXPECT Each weeklong experience includes luxurious accommodation in stunning venues, healthy food designed by Chosen’s global executive chef Joshua Davies, adventure activities (such as cliff jumping, volcano trekking, cave exploring, CrossFit or surfing) as well as wellness aspects (yoga, meditation and mindfulness coaching), goal-setting and optimisation. Fitness and rejuvenation programmes are tailored to the clients. “Our experiences are designed for people who are curious and open to learning through new experiences,” Stanton says. “We curate each week’s itinerary, and no two weeks are the same.”

WHAT ELSE? Chosen experts co-host each week, and include Olympic athletes, yogis, mindfulness gurus and motivational life coaches as well as nutrition experts. See


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